Dimensions(unit: mm)


Payload 6500kg 14,330 lbs
Operating weigt 9400kg 20,723 lbs
Travel speed Low 7km/h 4.3 mph
High 12km/h  7.5 mph
Gradeability 30°
 Side stability 50°
Machine dimensions Total length 5300mm 208.7"
Total width 2500mm 98.4"
Total weight 2650mm 104.3"
Engine Model Mitsubishi 6D16-TE1
Rated output 150kW(204PS)/2700min-1 201.2HP/2,700min-1
Cycles-displacement 6-7545cc
lgnition method Fuel injection turbo diesel
Fuel tank capacity 160L 42.3 gal
Crawler Between tumbler centers 3870mm 152.4"
Crawler span  2500mm  98.4"
Crawler width 700mm  27.6"
Minimum ground clearance 535mm 21.1"
 Ground pressure Empty  16.6kPa(0.17kgf/cm2) 2.4psi 
Loaded 28.3kPa(0.29kgf/cm2) 4.1psi
Vessel capacity Heaped 4.0m3 5.2 yd3
Stuck 2.4m3 3.1 yd3
Vessel dimensions Length 3100mm  122"  
Width 2200mm  86.6"
 Height 350mm  13.8"
Vessel  Height from ground 1280mm 50.4"
 Maximum dumping angle 65°
 Dump clearance 845mm  33.3" 
 Travel drive system HST 
Transmission system 2-speed automatic+ manual selection
 Brake system HST brake + parking brake
 HST set pressure 34.3MPa(350kgf/cm2) 4,978 psi

Main equipment

Canopy O:Standard
Cabin Option
 Air conditioning Option
 Vessel 3-gate vessel  O:Standard
Rear gate vessel -
Scoop end vessel  Option

●Photographs appearing in the catalog were taken for publication and may differ in some cases from actual objects. Specifications are subject to change without notice due to technical improvements or modifications.