KATO's sustainable management system based on our experience and track record over the century
Approaching and catching the diverse needs of customers

With our excellent design capabilities that respond flexibly to the needs of the days, a comprehensive production management system that speedily achieves high-quality craftsmanship, a solid support system that responds quickly and attentively to customers world wide, and additionally armed with a continually evolving integrated system ranging from development and design to manufacturing, sales and maintenance, we are further working at further building trust and cultivating new fields.

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Research and development, KATO design of products

With reliability and safety as our top priority, KATO engages in design and R&D in order to deliver high-performance products which save energy and are environmentally friendly. We also develop safety equipment for cranes, driving control systems, integrated control systems for shovels, and we verify the operability, durability, and functions of actual machines.

KATO -owned test courses

Tests to confirm performance are conducted under harsh conditions on various test courses for road vehicles and test courses for crawlers on the plant premises.

Comprehensive support for after-sales services after product delivery

Through our nationwide network of branch offices, sales offices, and overseas offices, we provide instruction on product operation methods and maintenance. Additionally, we handle tasks such as collecting information on-site and providing technical guidance to service plants. We will build a trusting relationship as engineers who stand closest to our customers.

Facilitating smooth business transactions with construction companies and affiliated businesses and rental agents as well

KATO has a wide range of domestic customers, including civil engineering construction companies, transportation companies, rental companies, and local governments. We offer optimal proposals individually tailored for each customer. Overseas, we sell products through more than 50 distributors worldwide. Our customers are mainly in regions such as Asia, the Middle East, and Oceania. We will continue to strengthen sales to Europe and America.

Seeking to maintain and improve quality with KATO’s stringent inspection system

From single parts to finished vehicles, we have established a complete quality assurance system using various inspection equipment and automobile inspection equipment. Especially for the main structures of products, KATO has installed the latest non-destructive inspection equipment and has established an optimal inspection facility to perform strict inspection.

Process management based on procurement of materials and manufacturing to shipment

Based on the production plan of each model, we manage all processes from manufacturing and procurement of parts to assembly, inspection, and shipping of products. We also work to create a plant environment for even better growth, including the maintenance of manufacturing lines and the introduction of new technology.