COR AT retarder

Code description
1131 WDT startup failure (DI)
1132 WDT startup failure (FT)
2141 Program writing error, etc. (DI)
2142 Program writing error, etc. (FT)
2151 Unformatted EEPROM (DI)
2152 Unformatted EEPROM (FT)
2231 COR boot error (DI)
2232 COR boot error (FT)
2311 Power supply self-holding
problem (DI)
2312 Power supply self-holding
problem (FT)
2412 Rear steering emergency restore problem
2652 Rear steering center voltage problem
2712 Inconsistent engine ID
2722 ECU communication interruption error
2732 Outrigger combined operation idle-up error
2742 ECU speed restriction error
2752 AT controller communication problem
2762 Cluster meter panel communication problem
2772 Odometer/hour meter memory device communication error
3211 Communication error between DI and FT (caused by DI)
3212 Communication error between FT and DI (caused by FT)
3311 8 V sensor supply voltage problem (DI)
3312 8 V sensor supply voltage problem (FT)
3321 5 V sensor supply voltage problem (DI)
3322 5 V sensor supply voltage problem (FT)
3331 5 V circuit voltage problem (DI)
3332 5 V circuit voltage problem (FI)
3411 Rear steering mode
selection switch problem
3421 Rear steering mode
selection switch problem
3442 Brake lock con?rmation
signal problem
3452 Retarder action con?rmation signal problem
3462 Rear steering lock/release con?rmation switch problem
3612 Air pressure sensor problem
4311 24 V supply voltage problem (DI)
4312 24 V supply voltage problem (FT)
4411 Suspension operation
switch problem
4612 Torque converter oil pressure sensor problem
5111 Corrupted data in EEPROM (DI)
5112 Corrupted data in EEPROM (FT)
5121 EEPROM addressing problem (DI)
5122 EEPROM addressing problem (FT)
5171 Information display connection con?rmation error
5181 Information display problem
5210 ACS communication (receiving failure)
5220 ACS communication interrupted
5230 ACS communication (transmitting failure)
5410 PTO feedback problem
5431 Rear steering independent
operation switch problem
5441 Retarder signal problem
5451 Shift position signal
5652 Rear steering potentiometer problem
5662 Front steering potentiometer problem
5812 Speed sensor problem
5822 Tachometer rpm sensor
6110 ACS system error
6622 Fuel level sensor problem
7411 Outrigger combined operation problem
7421 Electric retractable mirror
operation switch problem
7431 Mirror switch selection
7441 Remote control mirror
operation switch problem
7612 Right-front outrigger
stroke sensor problem
7622 Right-rear outrigger stroke
sensor problem
7632 Left-front outrigger stroke sensor problem
7642 Left-rear outrigger stroke sensor problem
F011 PTO overrun time recorded
F021 RTC held voltage drop
F031 RTC time setting reset
F041 Time setting problem
1111 RAM check failed (DI)
1112 RAM check failed (FT)
1121 FROM check failed (DI)
1122 FROM check failed (FT)
3213 Communication error generated between FT2 and FT (attributable to faulty FT2)
4622 Engine oil pressure sensor faulty
5613 Suspension 1st axle right stroke sensor faulty
5623 Suspension 1st axle left stroke sensor faulty
5633 Suspension 2nd axle right stroke sensor faulty
5643 Suspension 2nd axle left stroke sensor faulty
7111 Differential lock pressure abnormal
Code description